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A computing environment for a small business that works smoothly, safely, and reliably is one that’s aligned to operating needs, is governed and managed by an IT professional.  The [computing] environment can be small to serve several people or moderate size to serve a growing company.  Digital integration, basic access controls and change management keeps the network running reliably, smoothly and safely while company management runs the business.  An I.T. service plan is an efficient and cost-effective way to outsource management of the computing environment to ensure its reliability and continuity.  Your computing environment should be assessed to determine the service plan needed.

On-site Assessment.  Up to 5 endpoints and related peripheral devices completed within 90 minutes.  (A computing network for well-funded startups can be designed too via business analysis services.)  The assessment includes evaluating the business processes that support your workflow, your ISP, network design and operation, computing and printing equipment, all software, a brief history of unplanned delays in computing and/or outages.  Choose from 3 tiers of assessments, that can segue into a service plan.

Tier 1.  Your COO is called within 2-4 business days of the assessment to setup a conference call to explain the findings, the term to normalize (or setup) computing operations, and the suggested service plan.  $125; add $50 for up to 5 additional endpoints.

Tier 2.  All items in Tier 1 plus preparing a written report thereof, emailed to your COO.  The report is presented in a screen-share call; add $50.

Tier 3.  All items in Tiers 1-2 plus a meeting in your conference room explaining the content of the report and discussion how computing operations could be normalized (or setup) and a service plan as outlined above; add $100.

A simple letter outlining the work to be performed and cost thereof will be emailed for review and signature by your COO and CFO.

Service Plan.  Service plans to manage and support up to 5 computers is quoted for a flat monthly fee; a more complex system for 6-10 computers is quoted a monthly fee per computer.  A customized service plan for 10 or more computers is curated through a choice of referral partners.  RiSe Solutions serves for-profit businesses, health care and biotech companies (see web page “IT Services for Health Care”).  All costs for cloud subscriptions, device purchases, and software licenses are separate costs paid by the customer.


A service plan can manage your computing environment:

  • Known entry point from Internet into business network
  • A firewall device sufficient to defend and protect the confidentiality of business operations; it may include WiFi with separate access controls for staff and guests
  • Virtual monitoring of network health can solve issues before they become problems
  • Virtual desktops via browser available to cut costs and TCO of computing devices
  • Notice of reports on continuity or changes to company website
  • Notice of reports about email management; often hosted by a cloud provider
  • Phone system; login credentials for cloud-based system to reconfigure desk phones or mobile connectivity
  • Policies to establish and maintain a list of accepted software used by the company
  • Virtual management of cybersecurity shield and defense
  • Able to patch all software when needed, subject to COO’s prior knowledge, consent, and deployment date/time
  • A cloud-based means to manage company-owned mobile devices
  • A predetermined block of helpdesk support events per month, pending needs and budget of business
  • Monthly reports (or as needed) about status of computing environment sent to COO.

If you’re interested to learn more, please fill out “Request A Consultation” at the base of the “Consulting” page.  Write “Small Business Computing” in the subject line, post your contact information and the number of staff employed, in the body of the message.  I reply within 24 hours to schedule a call to discuss your interest.  Thanks for taking time to learn about Small Business Computing; perhaps I’ll hear from you soon. ###