Desktop Refresh for Service Business: Post II


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Resuming discussion of last week’s post, a retail or professional service business depends on simple IT for productivity (i.e. computers, a standard image to foster productivity among team members, onboard cybersecurity, file storage, and telephones).  If there’s multiple locations, a virtual desktop interface (VDI), cloud storage, and cloud-based phone systems are scalable, centrally managed technologies, available at low-cost and low-maintenance.  If your business is working with an on-prem infrastructure, it’s time-consuming and costly to maintain, scale up, or relocate with.  A network infrastructure that is planned strategically and carefully, can give your business competitive advantage.  Scalable, low-cost systems can include those listed below and are explained in some detail.  This post will complete the presentation by discussing cybersecurity, virtual desktop interface, storage and file sharing, and phone systems.

Eye on Security

Cyber Security.  Any computing device should have a lightweight onboard defense shield to protect against malware that includes antivirus, machine-learning, software firewall, and popup blockers.  They provide a centrally managed and monitored quad defense for your computing devices in production.


Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI).  If a percentage of your staff works with the same software daily, and you scale-up staff for short term projects using a consistent [computing] image, VDI is an efficient inexpensive way to provide an image for worker productivity.  Some cloud service providers offer VDI for a monthly subscription per user; login to VDI through an Internet browser.

DB Dist

Storage and File Sharing.  Referring to Data above, if employee productivity grows data often, cloud storage can accommodate growth in storage blocks when needed, paygo.  Data used and shared regularly should be available to the users that need them on-demand.  Your IT administrator can regulate access control to files, including file sharing, through role-based access control (RBAC) in Active Directory.


Phone System.  Any business location using less than 125 phones can take advantage of subscribing to cloud-based phone systems.  1-25 phones per location can use broadband, the router connects to an unmanaged switch, connecting to each phone; all call activity is handled in by the phone carrier within a data center.  26-125 phones per location use a dedicated circuit, connected to an unmanaged switch, connected to the phones.  Mobile apps are available for either type of system to enable call activity from a smartphone that appears as a call from a desk phone.  This web page outlines the services in further detail.

To recap, strategic planning that aligns IT services to business operating objectives is a critical first step before buying any computing equipment or subscriptions to cloud-based systems.  A steering committee is suggested to ensure that strategic planning has factored the needs of key stakeholders into system design.  Design should be influenced by daily operating needs and budget constraints.  If you’re interested in updating the network infrastructure for your business, please click Request a Consultation at the base of this page, please write “Network Infrastructure” in the subject line, include the email signature of your office manager, IT manager or executive assistant to your CTO in the message body.  I reply within 24hours to arrange an exploratory conference call to discuss your specific computing needs. ###


Industries Served:


CPA, Legal, Retail Insurance, Real Estate agents, Property Management, Wealth Management

Day Spa, Hair Salon, Pre-School, Private school (K-12), Private Bank, Light Manufacturing/ Assembly.

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