Contract or Outsource Projects?

IMPENDING PROJECT TO STAFF? The historical ways to staff a project include a matrix of staff borrowed from various departments, hiring temporary contractors or outsourcing to vendors.

Incumbent staff could be a first choice due to their versing with company culture and logistics.

Temporary contractors require lead time to source them, vet them technically and background, then onboard them.  The lead time (or skills mismatch) could delay your project to an unacceptable date.

Outsourcing delivers experts versed with project needs, better ensuring the expected deliverables, with minimal hassles, on-time, at or under budget. (Only company culture and logistics need be learned.)

  • Consider the benefits of outsourcing vs contracting
  • Eliminate lead time to fill roles and onboarding
  • Expedite completion of BGC’s
  • Secure SOW matching project charter
  • Realize deliverables on-time
  • Competitive fee structure

RiSe Solutions offers outsourcing services through partnered relationships with line cards across the USA.  (A referral fee can be arranged with recruiter having an exclusive to staff an assignment.)  Staff your projects with these services:

  • Functional (certified) experts in software/hardware/data migration
  • Professional engineers for cloud applications (IaaS, PaaS, cloud computing, data storage)
  • Cybersecurity, vulnerability or compliance management, SIEM, DLP, endpoint defense engineer, RFH FTE, security-as-a-service
  • On-Prem VoIP phone systems
  • Certified Project Managers
  • Sales Engineer/Relationship Manager to keep the PM focused on project. Academics include: MIS Fundamentals, S+, ITILv3, Qualys VM; McAfee DLP, McAfee SIEM, McAfee ePO, McAfee VSE, ATD; impending SSCP, CAPM, MCSA, CISM.

If you agree that outsourcing your project (or FTE) through RiSe Solutions could be useful to discuss, please click the “Request A Consultation” link in the upper right of the screen. Write “Outsource Interest for Project or FTE” in the subject line. Please write your name, email address and tel. # in the body of the message; I reply within 24 hours. Thanks for reading and listening. #

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