Contract or Outsource Projects?

IMPENDING PROJECT TO STAFF? The historical ways to staff a project include a matrix of staff borrowed from various departments, hiring temporary contractors or outsourcing to vendors.

Incumbent staff could be a first choice due to their versing with company culture and logistics.

Temporary contractors require lead time to source them (through [expensive] recruiters), vet them technically and background, then onboard them; the lead time could delay your project to an unacceptable date.

Outsourcing delivers experts versed with project needs, better ensuring the expected deliverables, with minimal hassles, on-time, at or under budget. (Only company culture and logistics need be learned.)

  • Consider the benefits of outsourcing vs contracting
  • Eliminate lead time to fill roles and onboarding
  • Expedite completion of BGC’s
  • Secure SOW matching project charter
  • Realize deliverables on-time
  • Competitive fee structure

  • RiSe Solutions offers outsourcing services through partnered relationships with line cards across the USA. Staff your projects with these services:
  • Functional (certified) experts in software/hardware/data migration
  • Professional engineers for cloud applications (IaaS, PaaS, cloud computing, data storage)
  • Certified Project Managers
  • Relationship Manager to keep the PM focused on the project. (Academics include: MIS Fundamentals, S+, ITILv3, Qualys VM; McAfee DLP, McAfee SIEM, McAfee ePO, McAfee VSE, ATD; impending SSCP, CAPM, MCSA, CISM).

If you agree that outsourcing your project through RiSe Solutions could be useful to discuss, please click the “Request A Consultation” link in the upper right of the screen. Write “Outsource Interest for Project” in the subject line. Please write your name, email address and tel. # in the body of the message; I reply within 24 hours. Thanks for reading and listening. #

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