IT Network + Safe Computing

A productive IT network exists when the parts work together seamlessly to facilitate the daily tasks of its users. (ie. routers, firewalls, cyberlayers/defense, login credentials, group policies, telephony, operating systems, email, data transfer, encryption and Unified Threat Management.) Safe computing comes from user awareness of what to avoid and how to respond to threats, whether by a CXO or a temporary worker.

Learning how related pieces work together facilitates their smooth performance. If your CXOs or Department Directors are planning a change of the IT network, learn to navigate product types to meet your needs and budget. Safe Computing is best learned/retained from posts within a blog from an Intranet website. I can supply content to your office manager for a fixed fee per post.

I am currently offering conference room presentations as special guest to CXO / Department Director meetings for businesses employing up to 150 staff. Request a topic from the posts in the categories at this website. Two presentation formats are available.

  • 15 minute presentation of basics, take a business card to ask questions via a planned follow-up call or meeting.
  • 30 minute presentation of full topic, plus 15 minutes of Q&A.

Should your CXO or Department Director decide to discuss buying an IT service through RiSe Solutions, all exploratory discussions of your needs are interactive via a white board, whether held in your conference room or via Skype.

If you’d like to invite me to present at a CXO/Director’s meeting, click “Request A Consultation” link in the upper right of the screen. Enter “CXO/Director Presentation” in the subject line; please include your name, email address, telephone number and topic subject in the message body; I reply within 24 hours. Any presentation requires five (5) business days lead time to schedule into my meeting calendar. (Any requests for custom made topics require fifteen (15) calendar days’ lead time to research and prepare for.) Thanks for reading and listening, perhaps I’ll hear from you in the future. ##