IT Network for Families of 4 or More

digital-homeYOUR DIGITAL HOME thumbs-up 

Sourcing and setting up IT services for a family of four or more can be challenging and time consuming. The connectivity of devices to a network or the Internet is more than than average homeowner is prepared to deal with (or knows how to).  RiSe ITPR (“R”esidential) offers a multi-point service within the metro NYC area that’s simple, quick, keeps everyone’s devices working and cyber-safe.

The IT package for the house should be planned with us when talking with your general contractor to ready the house for move in. We backup data before moving to ensure file integrity during the move. You transport your computer equipment (and TV’s) to the new home. We install everything the week you move in to allow for testing and fine tuning to make it turn-key ready for the family to use.  This multipoint service includes:


  • Setup Smart TV’s, routers, WiFi, Windows or Mac
  • Setup Ethernet cabling in room(s) of choice (during renovations)
  • Source/setup VoIP phones/mobile handsets, voice to email
  • Parental controls of computer + Internet use available
  • Setup iPhone/Android phones to WiFi, VoIP and printers
  • Setup firewalls, Malware Defense, automate software patching
  • Setup external hard drives to network or cloud storage account(s)
  • Training support that shows you how to use the devices in/out of the network
  • Flat price to install, monthly support fee available (remote or onsite)
  • Referrals receive 10% check from paid install fee

install-techIf you’re nodding yes to RiSe ITPR, please click “Request A Consultation” at base of this screen, write “RiSe ITPR” in the subject line, post your contact information in the body of the message. I reply within 24 hours to schedule a call to discuss your interest. Thanks you for taking time to learn about RiSe ITPR; perhaps I’ll hear from you soon. ###


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