Project Management

Is your IT project reaching its objectives, keeping to schedule and budget? A structured, proactive approach to project management could assure the project realizes its objectives, perhaps ahead of schedule and underbudget.

Any change event is a project; meeting the objectives of change requires a seasoned project team with project leader. Having managed and received change events, I offer a comprehensive perspective to assess, plan and monitor a seasoned team to manage a project. My services include:

  • Agreement on objectives between us;
  • Scope of Work that gets you the deliverable you expect;
  • A cogent plan, subject to field conditions, to deliver the Scope of Work;
  • Competent project team and management to execute the plan;
  • Astute, timely monitoring pf the project to keep scope, schedule and budget on track;
  • Brief yet detailed recap that project objectives were met, comforting you to accept the deliverable received, agreeing to close the project.

If your IT provider is not giving you these services, ask why; once you experience structured project management you’ll ask yourself why you waited to. See my education and experience at LinkedIn to understand how I can perform your IT projects from initial conversation to post project support. If you have an initiative you’d like to discuss or would like some free advice, click “Request A Consultation” link, fill out the form and send; I reply within 24 hours to learn about your specific needs. Thanks for reading. ###.

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