Lean Healthcare

Your IT Partner for Medical Practices

RiSe Solutions serves medical practices with 5-150 employees in the metro NYC region; single or multiple office practices. CIO Partner is our most cost-effective service; it includes Reliable Network and Unified Communication Systems. (Note: If I.T. staff or a paid provider are incumbent to your practice, Purchasing Partner or Staffing Partner may be a better fit for you.)


IT services of medical practices are typically handled by the most technically savvy employee OR is outsourced to a private provider versed in serving medical practices. If your employee could put more time into patient care and practice management, would your practice run smoother?

Electronic Medical Records

RiSe Solutions reps established providers of hosted electronic health records (E-H-R) and practice management systems (PM). These systems leverage your IT infrastructure, eliminate the need for storage space, software upgrades and backup services; IT costs to maintain electronic medical records are cut dramatically. (Note: using this service could lead to freeing expensive floor space of paper medical records when you’re ready.)

Key points of our install:

  • Assure bandwidth and speed of telco carrier(s) match needs of phone and Internet activity; separate lines for voice and data are urged.
  • Hosted and managed business class phone system scales with practice growth, leveraging funds.
  • HIPAA compliant hosted email.
  • Practice data via E-H-R and PM.
  • Computers (and cellphones) meet communication needs and budget of practice.
  • Each office is physically wired for efficient transfer of voice and data traffic.
  • Internet connection is protected against intruders outside your network.
  • E-H-R/PM for Primary Care or Specialty-Specific E-H-R


Review Process. We meet and talk with your operations staff in detail to understand the logistics of your practice and your business processes. If you think we can help your practice, please call us to schedule a 20 minute appointment of conference call to discuss your specific needs, whether for IT management and support or for medical records management.

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