Home Networking Setup

Updated Th 09/10/2020; Mon 4/16/12 4:30p EDT

Services Offered. Home networking setup $25/hr, GNY and New England (Includes recommendations for telecom service, routers & switches (includes reliable, competitive suppliers). I configure router, computers, smartphones, printers, VOIP (can include wireless handsets), TV to Internet and to PC; result is user-friendly use for all users. Click Request a Consultation” in the mid right of screen; please fill out the form, I reply within 24 hours.

Why Offered. I’ve heard lots of consumers seeking to hire a tech to setup a home network; ‘truth is, it ‘ain’t hard to do if you understand networking basics and have some experience. Ubiquitous tech companies are infamous [for install appointments] for long arrival windows, no shows, very late shows or unplanned shows, shoddy work and high prices; customers get hurt consistently. You’ll never get that from me; I bring a valuable service to my customers, we show mutual respect for each others needs and time. I look after my customers to assure my work always works and is user-friendly to all users; I can setup remote access for computers if needed in the future. Why so cheap? I ask office users $42.50/hr; home networking work is simpler to do and requires less maintenance; I also teach you how to keep the network working smooth on your own; that keeps you happy and keeps tech fees in your pocket.

Networking Basics. Routers and switches enable networks to exist, routers get configured to control network function and traffic; a network can be wired or wireless. Networks work best with devices connected to a switch (traffic director), switch connects to the router (traffic cop; who gets in, who goes where and when); some telecom routers allow for some manual configuration. The more traffic you have running to/from the web, the bigger the telecom pipe you need (bandwidth and speed); a bigger pipe costs more per month. (For example, worst case scenario, if you had 7 VOIP phones in the house, plus Internet, plus movie streaming, plus gaming, one line for phones and one for Internet would assure everything works daily.) The simpler the configuration, the better [and quicker to maintain].

Ethernet Wires. A high bandwidth Ethernet cord connects from the router the switch (Cat 5e [to 1Gbps] to Cat 6 [to 10Gbps)]. Cat 5e cords connect from switch to device. Cat 5 cords [to 100Mbps] work well with basic Internet and VOIP phones. If you’ve traffic over 6Gbps within the network and to/from the Internet, Cat 6 is recommended; Windows has useful traffic applets to quickly assess the bandwidth each device uses. (For example, basic Verizon FiOS offers maximum 6Gbps downstream, 3Gbps upstream).

Network Control. If devices will share network resources (printers, streaming, etc) a network name needs to be established in the Operating System of the admin computer; each node on the network is added to the network individually, manually. Network access is controlled by the router with uid/pw; the operating system controls access to shared devices within the network. It’s typically a good idea to have one computer loaded with the professional version of Windows (the admin machine); it controls who has access to the network, its resources and is always on; two people get access to this admin machine (one tech-friendly adult and me). For WiFi, security is key to block access from non-members (you don’t want your neighbors (or house guests) getting free access to your computer network; that’s an open door to cyber threats).

VOIP. Connected to a switch; wireless handsets connect to a phone base. A router is required to manage phone traffic.  I can provide design the system, recommend equipment and a service plan; service is month to month.  Number porting is free.

Gaming. The router controls online gaming activity to/from Internet, the gaming box runs games.

Movie Streaming. Often controlled today from the gaming box (Xbox or Apple TV). That box gets configured to talk to the streaming host, fed into the TV.

Web to TV. Typically pre-configured in modern TVs; a little manual configuring may be needed. Also, the TV needs to be configured to see PCs and talk to them; Win XP Home Media and W7 Home are pre-configured to look for a TV to connect with. TV is streamed to a media player for viewing (Win Media Player or Apple Quick Time).

If you’re interested in working with me, click Request a Consultation” in the mid right of screen; please fill out the form, I reply within 24 hours.  Thanks for listening.  ###

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