RFID Records Management

  Records Management History.   Prior to 2003 or so, corporate, healthcare or municipal records were tracked by hand, on paper, spreadsheet or makeshift database. Such practices made record keeping inefficient, time-consuming and unreliable, often leaving gaps of records’ whereabouts. Finding them was limited to the reliability of the record-keeping, by word of mouth and/or email searches. Records’ auditing is very time-consuming and expensive because each record must be counted manually; finding lost records can increase auditors’ billable hours. Bar coding expedited some of the process, yet each record needs to be manually scanned by a handheld reader.

Current.  Organized, Efficient, Electronic, Scalable Records Management.  Records Management uses software to organize, track and trace the location of company records (within your office) and minimize time to count [records’] inventory (multiple tags are read with a single proximity scan). The using company realizes improved accuracy, reliability and efficient records’ handling; time to manage the check in/out of important tagged records is minimized an automated. Its scalable nature makes it an affordable investment for small enterprises and business units of large enterprises. Common uses include law firms, accounting firms, tax and audit units of insurance companies and municipal courthouses; click HERE to learn more about specific features relevant to your business.

Tools for Implementation.  Includes: RFID tags, labels and printer, RFID readers, (handhelds and/or wall mounted), computer cabling (for wall-mounted units and printers), server for software (premise-based system)).

These Case Studies will outline how companies opted to change from a traditional records management system to one using RFID RM technology. You may relate your current [RM] system to theirs, seeing how an RFID RM system can meet the needs of your business.  These slides outline the service.

If you agree that RFID Records Management is a worthwhile investment for your business (or business unit(s)), please fill out the form at the right hyperlink “Request a Consultation”; I’ll reply within 24 hours to arrange an initial 5 minute call to discuss your general goals. ###

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