Customized CRM = Actionable Business Intelligence

Hosted Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM) have a litany of merits, yet customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your business can:

  • Gather and organize customer info with ease;
  • Gather data about visitors to your website;
  • Generate valuable reports

MD CRM will enable your staff to interpret report results in real time to make key decisions.  (Note: Timely Business Intelligence (BI) can help steer a project or business to success.)


Whether your business has 250 or 250K customers, is young or long-established, our assessment skills will identify your specific needs. A detailed discussion of 30-45 minutes [with your VP of Marketing and/or Sales, IT Project Managers and CIO] will reveal how your CRM is offered, used and managed. Those conversations will identify if and how we can solve performance problems for you.


Please contact us to discuss the performance of your CRM system.  (One of these case studies may outline the CRM system you’re looking for:  1.) CRM integrates with BI.  2.) CRM system change cuts costs and meets performance goals.)   ###