Specialty Specific EHR

WebChart EHR is a “Web-based patient record that can be adopted all at once, or in scalable increments, as it best suits the needs of your practice.”   Modules are customized to your business practices, then added to a foundation in increments, per the needs and budget of your medical practice.


What WebChart EHR does. “Continue using your established business process, yet digitally with or without paper; documents, labs and films are scanned and attached to each patient’s chart.  Modules include full document management, dictation, transcription, exam template, order entry, med entry, prescription support, patient education, and other components. It observes major interoperability standards, including IHE profiles, HL7, DICOM, CCR and CDA. It integrates data from internal ambulatory documentation, practice management systems, labs, RIS/PACS, hospital interfaces, and from personal health record (PHR) systems. Little training is needed to get started.”

“WebChart EHR supports multiple forms of data entry to document patient encounters, orders and other components of the patient visit. Authorized users can securely access the patient record, create tasks, create orders and generate encounter information from any Web-enabled PC at home, the office, clinics, or the hospital.”


Value Proposition. “WebChart EHR will meet all 2011 meaningful use criteria, doing everything you would expect – plus a great deal more.  We don’t expect you to change the way you practice medicine to fit our software. We’ll configure your WebChart EHR to fit you and your practice.  It enables you to point and click, dictate, or even continue to use paper to document encounters. This flexibility minimizes upheaval, especially among practice partners with varying degrees of healthcare IT comfort.  ‘No need to adopt WebChart EHR all at once. Start with a simple module or two, and add increments at your own pace.  Implementing WebChart EHR won’t require a radical resection of your checkbook. Our Web-based model minimizes your initial investment and helps you avoid hardware, licensing and IT support costs.  Try it for free before committing to implement.1


Note: Specialty practices of focus include ENT, Cardiology, Neurology, Ob/Gyn, Immediate Care.) **WebChart EHR is CCHIT certified, qualifying for US Government Stimulus subsidy under “meaningful use” criteria.  These Case Studies outline how WebChart EHR can help improve the quality of care given to your patients, while improving efficiencies of your business process.


Review Process. We meet and talk with your operations staff in detail to understand the logistics of your practice and your business processes, WebChart EHR is then customized to meet your needs. A final setup is approved before your account becomes live.


CDS’ Key Points cover the implementation and integration of  WebChart EHR into your practice, plus initial support.  Please contact us to learn more, including a demonstration. ###

1. Excerpts from Medical Informatics Engineering.  http://www.mieweb.com/solutions/webchart-ehr