EMR/PM for Primary Care

Practice Fusion “provides a free, web-based, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system to physicians. With charting, scheduling, e-prescribing, billing, lab integrations, referral letters, unlimited support and a Personal Health Record for patients, Practice Fusion’s EMR addresses the complex needs of today’s healthcare providers and disrupts the health IT status quo.”

“Practice Fusion disrupts the status quo by providing any doctor in the US with a free, ad-supported EMR. With charting, scheduling, e-prescribing, lab integrations and referral letters, the lightweight and intuitive EMR platform is well matched for the needs of independent medical offices, especially in the family practice and internal medicine specialties.”

“Practice Fusion guarantees that our EHR will be certified and available to all physicians who want to qualify for 2011 EHR stimulus incentive payments. Any medical provider in the country can sign up for Practice Fusion’s system in five minutes online, with no cost and no downtime.  Practice Fusion is the fastest growing EMR community in the country with more than 43,000 users.”


Signing-up for Practice Fusion gives your practice a user-friendly EMR/PM instantly, without hassles and little downtime for integration.  Apply stimulus benefits to other “meaningful uses” within your practice.  CDS’ Key Points cover the implementation and integration of  this EMR/PM into your practice, plus initial support.  In-kind, Practice Fusion gives free unlimited support via email, online FAQ wiki, live support and training and prerecorded online training.   Please contact us to learn more, including a demonstration. ###