IT Services and EHR/PM for Healthcare Providers

Medical practices with up to 150 staff have historically operated as silos per location. Providers, staff, suppliers and patients communicated one-on-one by phone and with paper; I did this with my doctors in the past. The consumptive nature of the US economy has hastened life’s pace, yet forced lower prices to attract a steadier stream of buyers. This hastened pace has dramatically cut the time that participants of healthcare have to give and receive services.


Healthcare patients (customers) need to get their healthcare services succinctly and quickly (including healing quickly from procedures) to keep their daily lives moving forward. The combination of general practitioners, specialists and suppliers needed to deliver healthcare services accurately encumbers logistics. Therefore, the time is upon us for technology to help accomplish this goal expeditiously.


Electronic Health Records and Practice Management systems (EHR/PM) are merely a platform to help run a healthcare practice. The infrastructure of I.T. services must facilitate the flow and access of information, securely yet seamlessly; I designed an aspect of our CIO Partner service to provide such services. Many I.T. providers “enable” I.T. to run a business. Only recently have those providers been asked to leverage I.T. services to save the practice money, yet hasten communication between providers and patients.  I see this as a natural, yet necessary evolution of I.T. services for healthcare practices.


If you’re reviewing EHR/PM for your practice, perhaps one of the SaaS providers we rep will meet the needs of your practice. Each meet “Meaningful Use” criteria to enable your practice to receive stimulus funding. Click here for: Primary Care EHR/PM (plus some specialties); for Specialty Specific EHR.

If your practice needs I.T. services, perhaps we can meet them through one or a combination of services we offer. I would appreciate the opportunity to hold a 20 minute meeting or conference call with the person that oversees your I.T. network; that conversation will help me understand how we can meet your needs for IT management and support services, plus E.H.R. and/or PM systems. Please click HERE to learn what we can offer to your practice. ###


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