Events and Conferences: Technology Simplifies Planning, Management and Results

As event planner, the larger the event, the bigger the project you’re tasked to complete. Project tasks repeat themselves, regardless of the event’s size:

A Software as a Service that’s accessible from any computer with an Internet connection can now automate these tasks in a unified suite; reliable service providers (including I.T.) enable you to delegate responsibilities, empowering you to perform more efficiently and effectively, consistently; experience less job stress as executive/senior manager vs. taskmaster. CDS offers a six part technology suite designed to do just this.

1. Web-based on-demand software tools communicate and aggregate data (e.g. list of attendees, sponsors, venues, trades, etc.); access from any computer with an Internet connection. Parts of this tool can be a one-write system, leveraging technology to get your job done in less time; i.e. make revisions for new locations or events in little time. “A unified suite of three tools work in-tandem to help you handle it all: 1) management solution, 2) site selection (with associated service providers and trades; send RFPs to compare bids), 3) full feature web surveys [to grade your efforts per event]. Suite tools include advanced email marketing, real time reports, account administration, robust contact management. The unified suite can revolutionize how your events are planned, managed and graded.” This management and planning tool is priced per registrant from $15 per paid attendee, sliding much lower with more attendees.

2. Touch screen kiosk(s) markets products and services for exhibitors and from event planning to attendees (including the event’s agenda); Leading Reach generates qualified warm leads to pursue. View from a touch-screen PC or smartphone.  Leading Reach eliminates printing costs for brochures that are often thrown out before being read.  Updates are made in real time; leads are sent to marketing staff via email in real time.  For Exhibitors, For Event Planners. Client Case Studies (Recognizable companies, medium to enterprise size).  Live Demo.

(Ask about the “Mobile Event Guide (MEG)”; it connects your event’s agenda to a full screen GUI or microbrowser for cellphones connected to the Internet.   It exports the data you want them to see, eliminating web browsing. Page revisions/updates can be made daily. SMS messaging and screen alerts can keep MEG users abreast of event information in real time. Earlybird registrations can separate MEG users from attendees needing a printed brochure, enabling you to print enough brochures to cut production costs and avoid waste.  Customization of the MEG can be funded by registration fees, pages ads, page sponsors and fees for ads through the messaging systems.)

3. Grade your efforts with surveys. You work hard to create, manage and execute events, yet you can’t expect to please everyone; you can improve your effort next time with feedback. This web-based tool is unified with Part 1 to deliver surveys to attendees. Survey results are deposited into your account for report generation. $850 per year gives unlimited access to and use of this tool for “basic service”.

4. Collaboration through connectivity (hMXt). Whether you have a staff of 2 or more, some of you work mobilely. Pushing POP or basic enterprise email to your smartphone can be handy, yet when team collaboration is needed, email and/or group meetings can be imperfect and occasionally cumbersome. hMXt offers basic POP email (net of collaboration features) to full functioning collaboration that pushes email to your smartphone, desktop PC or laptop, shares data with colleagues and facilitates document collaboration in Sharepoint. Your data is always safe and secure and accessible from any device, from anywhere, at any time; account revisions are made from a web-based control panel. HMXT enables you to stick to your budget by buying what you need, the provider handles system maintenance and customer support. I offer HMXT solutions for two to hundreds of people; add-on features are available a ‘la carte.

5. Stream selected breakout events, live or archive (Webcasting). Some of your attendees would like to attend, yet have scheduling conflicts or budget constraints. Some of them want to revisit a breakout event in the future. I offer a downloadable Software as a Service that enables you to self-tape, publish and archive your events, I also offer a per event product that streams a breakout event live or tapes it for archiving. The SaaS is a cost-effective solution for repetitive use. The per event product works best to reach hundreds or thousands of viewers in disparate locations, at once or in the future on-demand.

6. I.T. Services on-demand. If you’re holding an event in the DC metro area and need an experienced I.T. provider to create a temporary network for your event, we discuss your networking needs in detail to assess the most effective, budget conscious network design.

Each part of this suite can stand-alone, yet when connected together, they help make your job easier to do, consistently. If you’re interested in learning about the details of this suite, clicker here to contact me. An exploratory conference call will help me understand your status, leading to suite choices that realize your performance goals. ###

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