Real Estate Changes Effect IT Network

04/22/2013, 12/18/2012, 9/12/2011, 12/10/2009  Moving a computer network to a new space is a commodity and necessary chore to moving or expanding into new space, typically coordinated between your IT network manager and mover. Some moves may all require the redesign of your computer network to improve its efficiency. These are commoditized chores and necessary improvements, however…

Is your incumbent [computer] network meeting your daily information exchange needs AND does it run smoothly?

If your computer network is failing to meet your needs for information exchange, data storage and data recovery, perhaps its time to reevaluate how the network meets your operating goals.

Key operating parts of your computer network include:

  • Voice and data provider
  • Voice & data exchange
  • Operating image of software
  • Equipment management (servers, desktops, laptops, handhelds)
  • Document management (print, copy, fax, scan, storage)
  • Connectivity (wiring, LAN, Wi-Fi, cellular)
  • Data security, integrity, reliability and accessibility.

Your company officers decided to move to grow, cut costs, or add efficiencies to daily operations. A modern, integrated system that meets your budget typically facilitates operating goals.

If moving your network is all that’s needed, RiSe Solutions can handle it for you (note: wiring is typically outsourced to a wiring specialist). If you’re considering to upgrade or redesign your computer network, we offer an initial assessment to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your network with which to recommend how to make improvements that meet your operating needs.

If your network meets your operating needs and runs smooth, we offer a choice of affordable monthly plans to keep it that way, from basic network monitoring to complete management and user support.  A network that runs smooth, is managed nand whose data is accessible, safe and redundant costs less to operate per month than a network that runs intermittently with dated software, hardware and hardware drivers.

If you practice Tenant Rep of commercial real estate or Relocation Project Management, this is a service worth keeping in your rolodex to call on as needed.  Why? Some space users moving 150 or so employees have a tough time sourcing an IT service provider to relocate their computer network, or need to augment their technical staff to complete the relocation project; our service does just that.  Like a space move, planning ahead for an IT move is key to assure the network works as expected before the new space opens.  Once your client has decided to change their space for the future, ask how they’ll manage moving their IT (phone system included).   I can help them plan ahead for the move, including network upgrades, equipment revisions, scheduling and staffing.  After working with me once, you’ll appreciate how this service is as critical to the success of the move as your services are for the real estate.  (I typically pay a referral fee for all new business referred to RiSe Solutions that closes.)

We offer 2 distinct service packages:

Recapping, ask yourself  how your technology assets and services meet the needs of your business?  How will the computer network change to accommodate the new location?  Our service packages can help you identify answers, plan a strategy and implement a plan of action. These blog posts, (Parts 1-2) from our business partner extends our view about relocating a site.  If you’d like to inquire about these services for your business, please click “Request  A  Consultation” at the upper left of the screen , fill in “IT for Relocation” in the subject line, include your projected relocation date and contact information; send.  I’ll reply to arrange a exploratory conference call within yur schedule.  Thanks for reading.  ###


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