Business Class Smartphones


US Smartphone sales performed exceedingly well from Q308-Q109; how? Manufacturers partnered with Carriers to offer handsets at bare bottom prices to meet consumers’ budgets; profits come from the data plan.

If your business needs to upgrade its smartphone inventory or begin using them to leverage time and work, Q209 sets a precedent for business class smart phones at $50-$200; a two year commitment to airtime is typical. I’ve used many of these devices already; pick the device and carrier that fits your needs.

T-Mobile. Cost-effective plan choices, perfect billing practices, competitive phone prices. They focus on delivering reliable, consistent cellular connectivity. BlackBerry Curve 8900 is a leading edge choice to last several years. ($99 promo to 6/30/09: call 1-866-464-8662 Use promotion code: 8987TMOFAV for the BlackBerry Small Business Promo.2-year T-Mobile contract required. Offer expires 6/30/09)

Sprint or Alltel. Sprint offers a quick performing wireless network. The Treo Pro is Palm’s much anticipated upgrade to the 700w. It blends the function needs of business with personal seamlessly; Windows Mobile 6.0 platform.

AT&T. Offering a mix of plans (VOIP or T1, Internet and Wireless) under a single bill and WiFi connectivity in many public places. They often launch the newest phones; BlackBerry Bold 9000 or Nokia E90 Communicator.

Verizon Wireless. Offering reliable connectivity and oriented for business. Tel, Internet and Wireless may be bundled into one bill. BlackBerry Curve 8330, now two for 1. ###