Determining Your Next Mobility Platform


(Excerpted from May 2009.) It’s time for business and IT leaders to work together on mobility initiatives. The IT organization can evaluate the costs and risks of mobility initiatives at the start. After all, mobility is just an extension of IT’s long-standing client-support mission—if an energetic and rapidly expanding one. With IT’s close involvement, a business can develop a mobility strategy that is effective, low-risk and low-cost.

I offer subscription-based technologies with robust, owned-style functionality. A multi-user platform keeps subscription prices near 20% of the cost of owning. Each provider manages and maintains the equipment free of performance hiccups. If you’re serious about implementing a mobility platform for your business, I urge you to read the article at this LINK. Once you understand the concepts, let’s talk to discuss which technologies I offer will create your most cost-effective Mobility Platform. I can train your staff about using the technology you’ve susbscribed to in a format that keeps their attention yet is retained beyond the classroom. ###