Wireless Mobility Solutions

Wireless data collection is a commodity. Most systems work with handsets’ silently incumbent to the market, modified to perform specific tasks. Data input comes from a keypad, menus, barcode scanners, etc. These systems require you to allocate server space or dedicate an incumbent or new server to store the data. Data is presented with proprietary software or developed from common software. Their high cost of development and implementation extend their payback time; their target customers (often large mid-market to large size enterprises) expect this.

This Wireless Mobility Solution is tailored and integrated to support your business process and infrastructure.   It is low cost and rapidly deployed, to  provide a high ROI, often within 6 to 9 months. The business unit or division manager controls/hastens the flow of work.

CDS is designed to help companies with 5-150 employees get their work done timely to perpetuate their business within their limited resources (staff, funds and credit). These applications leverage your incumbent resources (staff, I.T. infrastructure, cellular plan and smartphones) to keep your staff productive from anywhere. Information is collected and disseminated in real time, enabling you to operate your business more nimbly, affording you to make decisions just-in-time or ahead of the curve.

Uses include:


For example, staff can get their inspection assignments pushed to their handset, eliminating time to retrieve them from office visits or telework by laptop from home or the field.  This wireless system can make your inspection system “green” by eliminating paper, repetitive data entry [and its staff] and can dramatically shorten the time needed to load data into the system to generate reports.

These solutions use existing software to cut development time and deployment dates dramatically, meeting your activation needs sooner.  Make note that the data collected, compiled and presented is saved on your incumbent server(s); add it to scheduled backups to keep it safe.

Integrating these solutions [with BlackBerry®, Windows Mobile 6.5 and iPhone] enables you to put enterprise activation to work for you.  It enables your admin to wipe each device of its data, by hand or remotely, as handsets are given to other staff or new hires.

In sum, this Wireless Mobility Solution enables your small to midmarket business to leverage its existing resources to work more efficiently from the field.  Your unit or division manager controls/hastens the flow of work and generates reports, just-in-time or ahead of the curve.

If you believe your business can benefit from this solution,  please “Request A Consultation” at the upper right of this screen.  Thanks for reading.

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