Buying I.T. Services Through RiSe

WOULD YOU BUY I.T. SERVICES YOU’RE UNFAMILIAR WITH FROM SOME SALESPERSON YOU DON’T KNOW? Would you rather buy a tested, reliable service from a professional you’ve come to know, respect and trust?

Most people associate buying through a salesperson to be a stressful experience full of pushy tactics pressuring you to buy. I’ve been on the giving and receiving end of sales to/from small to medium size businesses for the past 18yrs. The best selling experience is when you’re “heard”, getting what you want and need for a reasonable price, within budget, over a pleasant experience; expect this from RiSe Solutions.

Our website is designed to educate you about the services we offer, empower you to make a choice, calling me ready to discuss buying. (That’s marketed at times through our Hassle-Free Interactive Marketing.)  A captive audience expedites my sales process, whether in person or by conference call. The experience or relationship between us exceeds anything you may buy through us.

I created CDS (now RiSe Solutions) to empower businesses of 5-150 employees and/or established firms with an emerging division to buy large cap-style I.T. systems for a fraction of the price large firms pay for it.  Most of these services are sold to multiple users, making your cost a fraction of ownership; billing is attached to your company’s credit card or bank account. What business can argue with enterprise IT systems for a fraction of their cost?

My solution-based approach to sales stems from selling professionally for 20 years. I seek to understand your needs before I ask you to understand the products I’m offering you. You’ll not experience a high pressure, upselling experience from me. With this approach in mind, here’s how to buy I.T. services through me.

I help identify what you need and guide you through buying it. Your working capital benefits from the host’s affordable, competitive prices in exchange for paying RiSe an analysis and setup fee (about $42/hr). My process assures you get what’s needed [for today and tomorrow] and that it works flawlessly after setup. (We can also be your support coordinator with the host for a competitive hourly rate.)

5 Step Implementation Process:

  1. Identify you as prospect, seeking to build a lasting business relationship.
  2. Identify your I.T. needs in detail.
  3. Identify plans to choose from; walk you through the buying process of the provider chosen.
  4. Setup your devices to accept the provider or oversee the implementation of services, testing performance for perfection.
  5. Hand you the service, ready to use.


Click HERE to learn about the services I offer.

If any/collection of these services can be of value to your company, please ask your executive assistant to click the “Consulting” link above, write “IT from RiSe” in the subject line; please fill in your general needs, include your contact information.  I’ll reply within 24 hours to arrange an exploratory conference call with you.  ###


VCIO services, General IT Computer Support Repair Installs Unified Communications (cloud email and VOIP phone systems) VCIO services, text messaging, Managed IT Services IT for Healthcare (Electronic Health Records and Practice Management; EHR/PM) Lean/Continuous Improvement / Six Sigma Healthcare Consulting Software as a Service for Events and Conferences Green Powered Hosting Services Virtual Communications for groups (i.e. webex) Production for Webinars and Webcasts serving tristate region from philadelphia to stamford trenton, princeton, newark, jersey city, hoboken, weehawken, white plains, greenwich, new york city Manhattan Queens Long Island City Brooklyn Williamsburgh Downtown Brooklyn Dumbo Times Square Midtown East Grand Central Station, Nassau county, Suffolk county

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