Smartphones Help Improve Shopping Center Performance


Over the next decade or so, more people are expected to own a smartphone, and lead a mobile lifestyle. These facts considered, wouldn’t it be sensible to connect your center’s retailers to shoppers’ smartphones? It would facilitate a personal connection between merchant and consumer, improving sales by fostering rapport and loyalty; imagine the benefits your center(s) will experience…

T-Life™ can connect your shopping center’s website directly to a smartphone. In addition, SMS messaging and screen alerts can notify workers and shoppers of breaking news or retailer specials (or critical public safety issues) in real time. There’s nothing to install; T-Life™ connects directly with your center’s website, messaging systems and screen alerts are controlled through web portals. This frees your marketing staff from technical management to focus on improving the [working and shopping] experience of your shopping center.

Truth be told, web browsing from a smartphone has its limitations (i.e. download time, potential software plug-ins for viewing, compatibility with a smartphone’s operating system and cellular network (GSM, CDMA, etc); any one of these limitations can create a poor viewing experience. T-Life™ eliminates them; it works on any smartphone from any manufacturer and can be used with any carrier’s data plan. T-Life™ browses for the smartphone requesting information, displays data you want it to in an iPhone/iPod style navigation GUI that is always simple to navigate and easy to read (static or on-the-fly); it can accommodate thousands of users at once because it’s scalable.

Visualize your center’s workers and shoppers looking to their smartphone from anywhere, multiple times per day, for information on many of the features and amenities your center(s) offers. In cold weather states, SMS messaging and screen alerts can alert workers and shoppers of center closings regardless of their location. For mixed use centers, T-Life ™ and messaging systems call alert consumers and residents of retailer specials and special events. Ultimately, retailers and consumers benefit from a consistent personal connection/loyalty between them; your center sells more per square foot consistently…. Please contact me to discuss your connectivity goals and deployment time. ###

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