Leverage Smartphones to Enhance the Lifestyle of Your City’s Population

People who live and work in a major city know how to get around to thrive. Merchants of the city have a tough time attracting customers because each competes for the same customer dollar. Marketing and advertising efforts can only reach so far and expensive ad dollars typically produce a low return.

Its common knowledge that a rapidly increasing percentage of city populations rely on a smart cell phone to both connect with the world (i.e. email, text messaging and Internet) and be somewhat organized. Smartphone manufacturers selling to B2B and B2C consumers continue to upgrade their products to meet this demand.

Over the next decade or so, more people are expected to move to major cities to blend living closer to work with their mobile urban lifestyle. These facts considered, wouldn’t it be sensible to connect your city’s merchants to other merchants (B2B) and consumer’s (B2C) via smartphones? It would facilitate a personal connection between their city and them – improving sales by fostering rapport and loyalty. Imagine the benefits to both merchants and consumers.

T-Life™ can connect your city’s lifestyle website directly to a smartphone. In addition, SMS messaging and screen alerts can notify subscribers of breaking news or merchant specials (or critical public safety issues) in real time. There’s nothing to install because T-Life™ connects directly with your website; messaging systems and screen alerts are controlled through web portals. This frees your Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (CVB) staff from technical management enabling them to focus on improving the lives of your city’s population.

Truth be told, web browsing from a smartphone results in a poor viewing experience due to limitations such as download time, potential software plug-ins for viewing, compatibility with a smartphone’s operating system and cellular network (GSM, CDMA, etc). T-Life™ eliminates web browsing from a smartphone; it works on any smartphone from any manufacturer and can be used with any US carrier’s data plan. T-Life™ displays the information you want in an iPhone/iPod style navigation GUI that is always simple to navigate and easy to read (static or on-the-fly); it can accommodate thousands of users at once because it’s scalable.

Visualize your city’s population looking to their smartphone from anywhere, multiple times per day, for information on many of the lifestyle products, services and events offered by city merchants. Sellers and buyers thrive through a consistent personal connection between them…. Please contact me to discuss your connectivity goals and deployment time. ###

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