Mobile Apps

August 19, 2008




Technology that creates a mobile platform of your website, formatted for the operating system of the reader’s smartphone. it gives readers:


  • Instant access to it

  • Navigate it easily with speed

  • Breaking news or information

  • Generate unknown income

  • Give you control over what the viewer sees


Web browsing from a smart cell phone (smartphone) can be time consuming and may require installation of plug-ins; both can happen when your reader is short for time. Smartphone users are often busy and pre-occupied; they prefer instant connection to content, web pages that are simple to navigate, images that are easy to read and understand. This technology eliminates web browsing and delivers the features I’ve outlined.



Website content is pre-formatted for the smartphone showing it (special to this technology), navigate in an iPod–style format, search by navigation. Generate untapped income and expand your viewer base by packaging this mobile version with your print and website subscriptions. Add ad revenue from paid display ad or partner sponsoring per page. RSS feeds can be added to show breaking news or information.



What does this technology do for you?


  • Forget building a mobile solution to your website from scratch.

  • Website visitors get a better viewing experience, consistently.

  • Control what viewers see; add brand recognition to site or pages.

  • Ease of use can generate more viewers.

  • Ability to generate income from viewer subscriptions, page ads and sponsors.

  • Increasing number of visitors to website and mobile version generate more interest from advertisers.

  • Generate buying activity for advertisers through page coupons, gift certificates or e-commerce.


This existing application (WAP or App) can be customized to meet your needs within 4-6 weeks. Click HERE to learn more.


Potential applications are:


  • News and Information (general, lifestyle, food, fitness, financial)

  • Lifestyle resource for travelers

  • Restaurant listings

  • Food recipes

  • Module-based education

  • Database viewing from the web

  • Trade show navigation

  • E-Book



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