Eliminate Lost Worktime After A Natural Disaster

March 17, 2008

Fault-tolerant business continuity is welcomed after a natural disaster. Small and small mid-size businesses often overlook the need to install a reliable, fault tolerant system to host and exchange communication data [and electronic documents]. Such a system will keep the data safe and accessible everyday, before a natural disaster (e.g. hurricanes, tornadoes and floods in late winter/summer) renders your space untenable and data inaccessible [damaged or unusable]. Therefore, wouldn’t it be sensible to hire a reliable host to protect your data and means of using it? Such continuity would make the data, its revision and exchange accessible from anywhere, from any connected device. Immunity from nature’s unpredictable wrath keeps your business running.

The off-site location of such technology enables you to see and exchange your data and revise e-documents in real time from anywhere anytime, eliminating lost work time. When simple things taken for granted (phone, email, an electronic [and shared ] calendar, contacts, electronic documents and internet access) can remain in-tact while you rebuild your damaged office, hosted data management and exchange can be quite welcome (and cost-effective).

Additionally, if you serve customers needing to restore a damaged location (i.e. an insurance adjuster or construction trade), having access to your data in the field (laptop with cellular card or a smartphone), communicating in real time, can help expedite work process and decision making. Technology that affords the exchange of information with decision makers in real time can help your customers recover quickly.

Large cap style data management and exchange has expanded to private providers; they offer a multi-user model at an affordable price. Hosted data includes email, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes and files; data sharing can be through MS Outlook, file sharing through MS Sharepoint from Outlook. Outlook data can be viewed from a laptop, a PC, or any computer via Outlook Web Access; smartphones see and use the same data via wireless synching software. A one-write fundamental populates changes to information in real time to any device connected to the data; files in Sharepoint are accessible via Outlook or the Internet.

CDS originates the host’s service to small and small mid-size businesses. I recommend reviewing the services offered months before you need them. Most new customers with less than 20 users can have all users live within seven days of activation. I meet with you to assess your status, replying with a choice plans to meet your needs, today and tomorrow. Click here for details; here for plan pricing. Thanks for reading.

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