Recession? Position Your Company to Grow

March 16, 2008

In the midst of a recession, use funds to optimize operations, yet position the company to expand when growth returns.


In a recession the economy walks slowly, sales continue, yet is slow to grow, bank credit is only available to companies with the least risk. ‘Economics considered, you and your CFO choose to operate from available cash and receivables. You close some spending, dramatically curtail others and table future spending [plans] ‘til revenue and lending improves. Your actions maintain payroll, pare debt and boost liquidity.


Your staff keeps working to service both customers and new business that comes in, yet they’re unconnected to their data from the field to expedite production (i.e. email, contacts, calendar and virtual documents). It would help to have a means to connect them, yet the company cannot afford it. You decide to research the means to obtain and install it when possible. It doesn’t have to be this way… Hosted use models are enabling these “necessary luxuries” to fit into smaller tight budgets.


The multi-user model of expensive equipment and people is being perfected. Small businesses and smaller medium-size businesses are coming to realize that such functions can be outsourced affordably for a fraction of the cost to install it in-house; hosted Microsoft Exchange participates in this model.


Implementation costs are typically four figures for a small company; maintenance and administration costs (mac) add to those costs. MAC can be both unpredictable and take revenue when it’s needed most for other things.


Outsourcing fees are predictable and fit within available funds; the host handles mac. Once the service is activated, your staff gets connected to their data [operating efficiently] for a cost the company can well-afford. If the company needs to scale up the service used, scrub it against budgets before raising the monthly fee paid.


When economics are slow and the forward few quarters look bleak, make smart counter-cyclical choices to work smarter; it’ll position your company to outperform competitors when market economics improve.


CDS helps emerging businesses expedite work process by optimizing data communication infrastructure for a small fixed cost. The exchange of information in real time will enable your company to win new income streams when market economics improve. Click here to learn how the service works and here for plan prices.